What is GLG and how does it work?

GLG is the world’s insight network. Our clients rely on GLG’s global team and technology-enabled platform to connect with powerful insight from our Network Membership of approximately one million experts like you so they can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

GLG is the founder, market leader, and gold standard of our industry. We operate with a deep sense of purpose and embody that commitment every day with our uncompromising standards for compliance and quality, our award-winning Social Impact work, our diversified solutions and thought partnership, and our continued investments in our network, our technology, and our people.

Our comprehensive Network Membership spans almost every geography, industry, and function and our Client Solutions teams leverage our proprietary data and workflow tools to select experts for each client project. Behind the scenes, our Compliance and Membership Quality teams utilize our proprietary systems, third-party data, and information gathered from experts and clients to evaluate the accuracy of our Network Members’ profiles and to identify background issues, quality concerns, or potential conflicts of interest that might make them a poor fit for our network or for specific types of projects.

Our goal is to ensure we provide our clients with experts who offer actionable, premium-quality insights to drive high-value decisions at scale. We do this through a range of products, including phone consultations, surveys, live in-person and virtual events, packaged insights and reports, and more.

As a Network Member, you will be asked to participate in some of our products when a client request matches your expertise.

To learn more, visit our website: www.glginsights.com 



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